Hi Everyone

As you all know we are going through a tough time with the COVID-19 and are all in the same boat, I myself can say that as we are a small business it is very trying times and we rely on Locals & travelers to help us during this time so I have decided to try and get my stock online for you!!! it has been a challenge and I'm not as savvy as some but I have to try and get my stock out there more so here we go, please bear with me while I get this all right it may not be perfect as this is not my forte I would prefer to sell my products with my customer service in store but for the time being we have to do this. I hope that if we get through this you all support us at the end of it all. If there is anybody out there that may help I'm totally open for HELP!!



Janet x


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  • Hi Janet, I hope you don’t mind me reaching out to you like this. I found your store via the Buy from the Bush website and I was wondering if I could assist you.

    I, like so many other Australians lost my job due to COVID and whilst unemployed I have been trying to continue using my skills in marketing & social media.

    I am currently managing an Instagram page for an upcoming vertical farm that grows sustainable microgreens(aprilsunsalads), co-manage an Instagram page for Melbourne-made furniture and homewares business (onticdesign), and skills also include website and e-commerce set up.

    My background is in marketing, social media and homewares buying and I studied a Bachelor of Mass Communications. I have a love of homewares and have worked for large homewares retailers and wholesalers (Pillow Talk and Albi) as a Buyer and in the marketing teams.

    I would love to be able to help out some of the amazing rural small businesses that may have been affected by Covid, and have had to change their focus to online. This may be a huge stretch, but I’d love to offer to help with your social media for one month free, and see where it could lead to.

    Thanks so much for your time and I hope to hear from you.

    Maddie Squires

    Maddie Squires

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